Our Community Outreach Program can donate up to $5,000 to your organization. We have donated thousands of dollars to organizations just like yours. We bring in one of the top financial strategists in the country. He does a 45 minute educational briefing. We donate back to you for every qualified individual that sits through the meeting. There are no strings attached. There is absolutely nothing there to buy. We have done hundreds of these briefings all over the country. Every person that has attended one absolutely loves the information they receive.

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As a single mother of 3 kids, all under 10, life could not be easy, but it could always be fun…..unfortunately it wasn’t until I met David Townsend.

I was raised by a strong set of parents that never took handouts and always worked hard for what they had. I learned from my mother how to do whatever it took to feed the family and never allow the kids to know the struggle. That is why I always said that I would be “Ms. Something” before I was “Mrs. Someone.” I didn’t get married until after I received my degree as a nurse, but my error was not educating myself on finances before the union of debt. I was married for almost 10 years and up until the divorce, I was drowning in debt from many years of living outside our means. Once the divorce became final, I felt I had no choice but to use credit cards to help put food on the table and heat in our home. My income was cut in half and my debt was multiplying. So I took on a second job to help.

Here I am now working 2 jobs and still couldn’t figure it out. Soon became promoted and thought that it would help, but because of so much debt, I still couldn’t breathe. I would drive to my new job and pass a Bankruptcy office and always contemplated stopping. “What other choice do I have????” I was so stressed that I started to loose my hair, stopped sleeping, but worse, I started to lose my temper with the kids. Something had to change and all I could do was pray.

On Saturday, May 17th, I received a text invite from a family friend, asking for me and my family to join her at a local restaurant for a fundraiser to help her daughters’s basketball team. We already had plans for that morning, but I said, “why not. It will only be for 45 min”….so we went. My prayers were answered and I didn’t even know it yet.

David Townsend was our speaker and was there to quickly explain finances and how to start “paying yourself back”. I listened and even took notes. At the end, he offered a FREE consultation for those who wanted it and of course I signed up. Less than a month later, David and I are in his office, my kids in tote, and I was finally able to breathe! I left there not only with knowledge of how I could improve my finances, but I left there with the light of a new life. A life that didn’t include assessing what was absolutely needed in our grocery cart, because we had to mindful that the electric bill still had to be paid. A life that allowed me a weekend off with the kids, and not working overtime to help with bills. A life where I could finally sleep because the thoughts of losing my house was no longer a nightmare.

David, and all the Financial Freedom, THANK YOU!


Sandra Fogel