Workers wait for someone to tell them what to do and how to do it. They let others worry about whether the way they’re told to do it is the right way. They may concentrate on performing their assigned tasks well, but don’t worry about what happens outside their own areas.

Professionals take responsibility for their own success and for the success of the organizations to which they belong. They see themselves as partners in prosperity with the organization, and see the organization’s ups and downs as their own. They are constantly looking for things that they personally can do to contribute to organizational success. Professionals are usually perceived as good because they go the extra mile to be good. They keep up with the latest development in their field and share their knowledge with others. They communicate confidence, dressing and grooming themselves for success, and always conscious of the important image.

To achieve this type of professionalism, you must set a high standard for yourself and never allow yourself to fall below that standard. Set high standards for yourself and live life at a deeper, more purposeful level that yields greater satisfaction and success.


  • David Townsend
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